• Marcos Martinez

    Marcos Martinez

    Operador de radio (Fm Horizonte 97.3) — dj (Música Electrónica) — diseñador web — programador informático — Bartender (La Tribu Bar) — Autodidacta.

  • Jaron Ghani

    Jaron Ghani

    Technical director/founder at @numiko

  • vin sharma

    vin sharma

    autodidact, bibliophile, open source wonk, complex systems geek; building an AI platform at Intel; stories are my own.

  • Braden Goyette

    Braden Goyette

    Front page editor at the Huffington Post. Formerly: New York Daily News, ProPublica, The Nation

  • Keith McAllister

    Keith McAllister

    Raised journalist, turned biz guy, digital exec, proud husband and dad, would always rather be sailing.

  • Selena Persad

    Selena Persad

    I dream out loud. All views are my own; not investment advice.

  • MariaChiaraVisentin


    An Italian woman, mother and tech entrepreneur. Interested in marketing, social media, technology, innovation and economy. Trying to break my filter bubble.

  • Huw Lemmey

    Huw Lemmey

    homosexual communist: I use the pronouns now/nearby/online @limazululondon

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